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Finlife SA Income Protection Insurance

Our Income Protection insurance helps When You Are Not working. We Pay Bills till You Get a Job, you Are 65 or Die

For several years, the people of South Africa have been relying on the Government for their financial support in the time when they are unable to work for illness, retirement or disability. This is due to lack of knowledge and poor planning. That time, people do not understand the importance of income protection plan in South Africa. When talking about the income protection plan, there is a tax benefit that comes along with it. Specifically, SARS will allow the individuals having the income protection plan to claim back the premiums that they have contributed to protecting the salary for temporary or permanent job absence. However, there are some candidates who do not know about this and they take the benefit of the income insurance in South Africa without claiming for the premium back. While you are buying the income protection plan, it is very important that you ask the insurance provider regarding the policy. If you do not have the income insurance, please send your quotes to FinLife SA for getting suitable income protection insurance for your needs.

FinLife SA provides income protection insurance in South Africa. The package is flexible and has lots of benefits. The insurance policy aims at safeguarding risks that can negatively protect your income in the future when you are unable to work. You can choose the insurance policy depending on the stage of your life and the risks that you may face in the future. The income insurance plan from FinLife SA is having lots of benefits.

FinLife SA offers the most comprehensive and detailed income protection plan in South Africa. We know that your income is an important part of your financial independence, even when you are having a family. To ensure that you remain financially independent even you are not having the job, it is very crucial that you choose income insurance in South Africa from FinLife SA. Our philosophy is to offer our clients with the option of insuring 100% of the income that you bring home. FinLife SA’s income protection insurance in South Africa gives our clients a steady income when they are unable to work for a long span. We will pay the bills until you go back to work, you are 65 or you die. Our income insurance plan is suitable to meet all the monthly expenses like the medicine, education, electricity and the groceries. Do not ever risk over or get under-insured. Always consult with our advisors once in a year to discuss the significant change in life to make sure that your financial condition is secured.