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Financial Services in South Africa – FinLife SA

Our Services

FinLife SA offers services like income protector, credit insurance and funeral cover for candidates to secure their future for a long time

Funeral Cover

We all know that death is uncertain but we have to face at some point in life. A dignified farewell helps the loved ones to cope up with the loss. But, this entire event is actually costly. If you are not left with enough funds, your family members have to quickly raise the funds to give you a funeral at that time when they should be grieving. This will put immense stress on the people who are responsible for the funeral. However, if you have a funeral cover, it will help to overcome the financial crisis that you are facing.

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Income Protector

For several years, the people of South Africa have been relying on the Government for their financial support in the time when they are unable to work for illness, retirement or disability. This is due to lack of knowledge and poor planning. That time, people do not understand the importance of income protection plan in South Africa. When talking about the income protection plan, there is a tax benefit that comes along with it.

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Credit Insurance

Are you tensed that whether your customers will pay the invoices or not? Are you aware of the new customer with whom you will do business in the future? With the credit insurance solutions from FinLife SA, you should stop wondering about the risk and start your business with minimum risks. The credit insurance or the trade insurance can protect your business against all sort of commercial and political risks that are not in your control. With the help of the credit insurance in South Africa, you can have a steady growth of the business and it helps you to minimize the risks of the sudden troubles.

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